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Letter I received…

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Dear Nate,

I am so glad to have you come to my home. Wish you could be here all the time but I know you are busy and can’t seem to come home often.
When you arrive, please bring your precious family, as they are family as well. I have more room for you than you can imagine. All that you’ll ever need is here. Plenty of food for when you’re hungry, plenty of water for when you are thirsty.

I do ask that you bring some things with you. Would you do this for me? I want to replace some of the things you may have with new goods. Again, I have everything at my house for you, so lets exchange some stuff.

Here’s the list:
If you have jealousy, I want that… I have compassion and love.
If you have anger, please bring that… I have peace and a soft word.
If you have fear, I want that… I have security for you.
If you have addictions, bring those because here, you can depend on me.
If you have worry, give it to me, I will make sure things are taken care of.
If you have depression, I’ll take it and give you my joy.
If you have hurts, leave them with me, I will heal your wounds.
If you have debt, I’ll take it. I paid your debt.
If you have loved ones whom have never met me, introduce them to me, I already have their picture on my wall.
So basically, bring yourself, your family and all that you carry.
I’ll take all that stuff you don’t need. Just come home.