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The Future for Nate Maners’ Music

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Hey and thanks for coming to my blog. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything concerning updates, dates or even production. It’s been almost 5 years since “Unorthodox” came out and I truly can’t believe how time flies.

Even since the last project, digital distribution, digital sales and ways to get your music out have gone far beyond what I could have imagined. Back then I was very excited to have 1 song on XM radio and Direct TV. Although, I would love that again, this time I will need to push the boundaries of self-marketing ventures and resources that the web has to offer. That being said, I have been faced with two strong questions in my heart lately.

Question 1.
Am I going to release another full project?

Answer: I feel that God is allowing me to experiment with some different styles of music to incorporate into worship. I have compiled songs from the last 4 or so years that I like. Some are covers of other artist’s songs and some are originals that I have used in many live worship services. But will those go on an actual hard-copy disc? Probably not.

Rarely do I get a purchase for a cd anymore off the web. We all know that digital downloads give the end-user the flexibility of choosing their own songs. So if you want my songs all, or just 1, the ball is in your court.

Back to the answer. I want to release a new collection of songs. Will it be in a nicely wrapped package? Not sure.

Question 2.
What is going on with my heart and how does it play into the future of my music?

Tragedy, pain and experience all play into the palette for an artist/musician. “Wilderness” time periods happen to every Believer and I believe that God allows himself to be the canvas or the paper in which we create our works on. He takes on the darker hues of our emotion. He absorbs the ink as our words of hurt are scribed on paper. He receives the colors of gratitude as well as the verses of love and honor to Him. What comes from those creations are honest, true, and planned expressions that He designed for others to see.

As I stated earlier, I am exploring some new musical options in the studio. Last year I created some worship stuff that I love to play live, but isn’t the true core of what I am wanting to release. So I felt God say a few weeks back “Do what you feel to do. Make what is on your heart to make.” Lord knows Nashville will never grab onto Nate Maners as a new CCM prospect and I’ve never had to depend on the money’s I’ve made musically to pay my bills (well, not completely). So I really can just be led by my heart.

I have some great pieces of music right now that I am listening to for inspiration and have just started constructing hooks in the studio.

I know that God has called me to bring others into his presence. So with that, as I begin to compose or arrange in the studio, the end result is NOT the cd and radio versions of songs. The end result is the worship setting both live and recorded. I will hear a riff or hook and imagine what it will be like as 30 people or 2000 sing it at once. Sonically, what’s going on with the sound? Is the music fitting to the words or are the words fitting the music?

In summary, I am ready to get moving again. I am excited to see the dreams and visions that God has shown come to pass. I know these dreams and visions would sound ludicrous to many, but I know nothing is impossible with God. He has shown me that numerous times in the last year. So I hold on to those dreams. I visualize them in my head and create as if they are right around the corner.

Nate Maners