The music of Nate Maners is a unique blend of intimate worship fused with full-spectrum synthesis. A cross-breed of strong vocals and soft symphonic pads. A parallel of sub-frequency bass and heart changing lyrics. Led from 3 Apple computers, Nate will without a doubt, bring a never before experienced taste of worship that will leave people touched.

At an early age, Nate felt a call to lead worship, yet was challenged to be as innovative as possible. Locked away in his room for 4 and 5 hours at a time, this teenager had great purpose on his mind, rather than just to date, or get involved in the “norm”. Nate was practicing the presence of God. Listening to the melodies God placed in his heart and preparing an Atmosphere of Worship. This evolved into programming and sequencing in his home based studio and learning new forms of synthesis and the construction of electronic music production.

In the many years since this education, Nate has also been through his share of trials and adversities. Severe depression, divorce, guilt and pain, Nate has, and continues to learn what the grace of God truly is and does. His lyrics are penned with heart-felt experience and the melodies sonically represent the different colors of God’s unfailing love toward Nate. Whether he is sitting at the piano and playing simple worship hymns or with 3 computers and a video wall, Nate will never miss an opportunity for God to move on behalf of the worshippers.

Take the time to investigate a proper worship setting for Nate to come and share just what God has specifically given him to give. Some will hate it. Some will question it. Some will love it. But all will feel it.

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